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What's Included in the 9-Module Course

Each module includes easy-to-digest video content, worksheets to get you moving, and a handful of the most important templates for your marketing agency.

Section 1: Goals

  • Vision

    How to make hard decisions

  • Values

    How to make easy decisions

  • Plan

    How to make SMART decisions

Section 2: Systems

  • Baseline

    How to establish ownership

  • Standardization

    How to encourage ownership

  • Accountability

    How to elevate to accountability

Section 3: Team

  • Recruiting

    How to establish culture

  • HR Management

    How to manage culture

  • Retention

    How to leverage culture

Who Can Benefit From This Course

How familiar does this sound:

"When I first turned to online marketing, it just came naturally to me. I took one course, built my own website, and all of a sudden everyone and their mother was asking for my help. I jumped into the deep end of marketing and I've come to find out I REALLY love selling it, too. Over the past few years, my workload grew steadily through word-of-mouth referrals and I even added a few rockstars to my team (mostly strategists and specialists). We're a lean team and everyone pitches in to get sh*t done. 

Honestly though, I'm busy ALL the time now. Especially this last year when I may have said 'Yes' one too many times to new clients and we're now swamped with work.  (But I can't turn down these leads; business is booming and I don't want to burn any referral bridges!) We've grown so fast ...maybe too fast... and I'm being pulled into every client meeting, dousing quality control issues at every turn, and I'm constantly afraid someone on my team is going to quit and I'll have to pick up the slack.

I know I have to do something, but I'm paralyzed. Where do I even start?..."

Start Here

This course gives you the straightforward approach to grabbing the reins of your growing agency so you can control the narrative rather than let it continue controlling you.

Whether your agency is making $500,000 a year or you're on your way to the $2MM annual revenue mark, embrace this approach to stabilize the foundation of your agency so you can continue growing -- with the right systems and team in place and without burning yourself out.

Your Guide

Leah Leaves

Fractional COO & Agency Consultant

I help small digital marketing agency owners avoid burnout, enjoy crazy-good profits, and get back to spending time with their kids by building up their business foundation and getting them out of the daily business operations of their company. This course leverages all the essentials you need as an agency owner to replace yourself from the operations and administrative functions of your business.


“Leah was a major contributor to the operations of the company as we grew from a small, dysfunctional team of freelancers to a well-run $1M organization with 10+ full-time employees. Leah made lasting developments to our processes, operations, and most importantly, to the people who reported directly to her.”

Jack Jostes, Agency President + CEO, Ramblin Jackson

“Leah is an INTEGRAL component of the SUCCESSFUL growth and scaling of Optidge. Thank you for being a true partner, I am extremely grateful and lucky that you are on the team.”

Danny Gavin, Agency Founder + Chief Strategist, Optidge

“WOW! I cannot put into words how much [Alderaan Business Solutions] has helped me improve and systemize and organize this business and how invaluable you have become in such a short time. You don’t miss a thing and it’s amazing and insanely helpful to have someone like that in our COO chair.”

John Nemo, Agency Owner & CEO, Nemo Media Group

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